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SV 120104

104 is a beautifully made poll sire by Woodyarrup 101778. Although bred from a horned merino ram, he has a perfect poll with no scur, a strong, pure head with silky soft muzzle and no pigmentation at all. He has also inherited his sires bold crimping, nourished white wool but with extra thickness and his fleeces have always weighed deceptively heavy. He was retained as a poll sire despite his merino background and a large percentage of his progeny have inherited his poll, with sons all displaying his heavy bone, correct structure, nourished wool and strong sires head. 

Age     Micron   SD     CVD   CF     GFW%   BWT

1           17.61     2.62     14.9   99.95   126          89

2.5      19.5     2.73    15.6  99.8                          127      


SV 130396

Reserve Champion Fine-Medium Wool Merino Ram Wagin Woolorama 2015
Reserve Champion Fine-Medium Wool Ram Williams Gateway Expo 2015

A big, bulky, uncomplicated ram from our East Strathglen family, 130396 stands proud and is square across his chest. With a strong, sirey head, he is an exceptionally heavy boned and deep barreled ram with tremendous spring of rib. He carries a beautiful, white, even fine-medium wool right down to his points.

Age   Micron      SD        CVD       CF     GFW% BWT 

1.0       18.42     3.0      18.27    99.85    131      85   (paddock)

1.5       20.13     3.02    15.98    99.6                  112   (spring)

2.5       20.2        2.9      14.4     99.8                  137    (shed AWTA)