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About Sunny Valley

 Sunny Valley Merino Stud was established in 1954 by S.F. Jackson and based in McAlinden, south of Collie in the south-west of Western Australia. A true Peppin based flock, Sunny Valley was originally based on Merryville bloodlines moving to Haddon Rig from 1961 to 1979. The second generation, Don and wife Audrey Jackson, assumed control of the stud in 1978. Don continued to infuse quality Peppin sires with more focus on increasing sheep size. During this period there was an infusion of Uardry, One Oak #2 and Roseville Park genetics via AI programmes. Wool quality continued to improve with an average micron of 20.5. Sunny Valley wools continued their success in the Perth Royal Show ring notching up sumpreme champion in excess of 20 times in the first 25 years of breeding. Commercial interest in Sunny Valley grew and in 1988 earned an average of $2050 for 50 rams at auction, the highest West Australian average that year. 

In 1995 the third generation, Neil and wife Sandy Jackson assumed management of the stud. Within 2 years Neil relocated the stud to Kojonup, in the heart of wool growing country. Neil's dedication to ensuring genetic gain in wool quality and cut, along with animal size was supported with the infusion of elite wool genetics through the 1990's. During the 2000's the stud continued to grow from strength to strength culminating in 2005 when "Sunny Valley Albert 3-23" became the first ram to be sashed Supreme Exhibit at $ prestigious merino events: the Wagin Woolorama in March, the Williams Gateway Expo in April, The Australian Sheep & Wool Show, Bendigo in July and the Rabobank Katanning Sheep Show in August. Sunny Valley continued to impress in both sheep and fleece shows and sales right up until the stud dispersal sale in 2010. 

In December 2010 Wes and Briana Lavender were the volume buyers at the Sunny Valley dispersal sale, and following post sale negotiations were able to purchase the entire semen catalogue and were allowed to continue breeding under the Sunny Valley banner. The stud was then relocated to Lavender Farm, on the banks of the Williams River in Quindanning, 26km south-west of Williams. The area is well known for the historic Quindanning Inn, its beautiful rolling hills and valleys, strong granite sheep country and records an average of 550 mm rain annually. The stud is run along the side the families commercial sheep operation which joins 3500 merino ewes to merino and poll merino sires and 1000 merino ewes to terminal sires annually and maintains an adult average micron of 19.2. 

In 2011 Sunny Valley Poll Merino Stud was established with a selection of Sunny Valley merino ewes and Angenup Poll Merino Rams (with Westerdale bloodlines). Since then, ewes with suitable poll characteristics have been continued to be transferred into the poll stud annually, with numbers and enquiry continuing to increase. Sunny Valley Merino Stud continues to invest in quality genetics with selected East Strathglen and Woodyarrup genetics infused alongside quality Sunny Valley sires. Since the relocation to Quindanning, both studs continue to be classed by Kevin Broad, Elders Stud Stock.